Nelson Mandela # (معلم _ أمة )

Made 95 years in the writing of the word humane in our hearts and painted on the fronts of war.

You painted your name in capital letters in the history of humanity and freedom struggle.

Resisted! .. Patient so tired of injustice from your humanity.

You are the owner virtue Semitic.

You live on a man of sublime yearning eyes to the sky, declaring freedom and the sky opened up their doors and called you Lord.

You said: It will not be complete liberation of the world, but when Palestine is liberated from the racism .. and your loyalty dislikes Israel

Palestine bow and say Mandela is still in the houses of martyrs and prisoners.


Dear Rebel, fighter, High, cosmic man .. The world today will never leave a man to do what it is allowed from the same life of freedom and resistance to racism and to know the meaning of prison, but will sing his anthem of peace and underscores the history of literary writings increased imprisoned for years. The world today. Combines the flower of every child and the bereaved mother wronged prisoner behind bars and dead quiet to put it on your grave in Johannesburg. Congratulations to South Africa .. You are a giant lived and died comfortably .. And the world to have you warm up and you dwelt in your grave.. Our children seek high-end judgment and The remaining Words. Vulnerable  proud of you and welded on the impact of your will.. sleep calm and confident victory of God in every citizen.

Will be picking roses from you for our girls.

. We will resist in Palestine, your spirit immortal

Will look to the future with your eyes.

Peace you alive and dead.



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